The Fantastic Story Description of Remarried Empress

The Fantastic Story Description of Remarried Empress

Remarried Empress is a fantasy webtoon original by Alphatart and Sumbul, Remarried Empress usually updates on Sundays, but it is taking a break presently. On Naver, the original Korean webcomic debuted.

This is one of the top best and most fantastic webtoons. Other best webtoons are The God of High School, The Boxer, Boyfriends, and Lore Olympus, the top incredible webtoon comics.

In this article, you will get all the information about remarried empress novel, its characters, and a description of the story. Are you excited about the level of Remarried Empress? Keep reading; we will start with the characters;

Characters of Remarried Empress

Here is a list of the most exciting and attractive characters of Remarried Empress;

· Navier Trovi

She is the essence of a ruler, ingenious, fearless, and publically judicious. She is a very bright, understanding, and compassionate woman who has unwavering loyalty to her work, family, and friends, according to those who spend more time with her.

She was enthusiastic to her partner and perform all her duties well till her partner bring another woman (mistress) at home and filed for divorce.

· Emperor Sovieshu Vict

A supporting character in the Remarried Empress series is Emperor Sovieshu Vict. The distant relative and ex-wife of Sovieshu, the Empress of the Western Empire. He is the Eastern Empire's Emperor.

Before accepting Rashta as his mistress, he married Navier, the series' main character.

He and Navier had been childhood best friends and longtime lovers, but their union was mainly for political reasons.

· Empress Rashta

Beautiful young woman Rashta, formerly an enslaved person, is now the mistress of Sovieshu of the Eastern Empire after marrying him. Before the start of the series, Rashta's father sold her into slavery to avoid having to make amends for his mistakes.

Rashta comes out as an innocent woman. Rasha's seemingly benign behavior is just that—an act. She is a cunning and dishonest woman who appreciates luxuries and delights in compliments.

She is not loyal to her husband and cheating him.

· Emperor Heinrey

Henry is Navier's husband and the reigning monarch of the Western Empire. He began the series as a Prince but quickly succeeded to the throne after the passing of his brother, winning Navier's affection in the process.

At first, Henry is shown as an unstable and harsh character. Contrary to popular belief he only seems to be "cruel" to people who wrong others first.

He has a firm foundation since it's challenging to change his mind, and he appreciates his relationships with them deeply, being loyal to them and treating them with the highest care. Navier liked his wise nature and was impressed with his honesty.

What happened at the end?

Despite Rashta's love for Sovieshu, it soon becomes apparent that he has a stronger desire for Navier. After Sovieshu and Rashta conduct a birth test on the infant and he learns that he is not the child's father, their relationship completely disintegrates.

On the other hand, Heinrey and Navier loved each other and lived happily. If you like this fantastic tale, visit the mentioned link to enjoy it.