Join us for a Celebration dedicated to the Modern Malay Heroes of Singapore

Free For All

Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

10 am - 10 pm

Pesta Wira Melayu

About EduAlly


Pesta Wira Melayu is a festival that celebrates anything and everything Malay. The phrase Wira Melayu means 'Malay Heroes', which represents what this festival is all about.

During this festival, we will also hold the Anugerah Wira Melayu Singapura 2018, which is the Malay Heroes Awards. This award recognises Malays in Singapore who have been publicly nominated for their achievements in their respective fields. The festival is organised in conjunction with World Malay Day, Hari Melayu Sedunia.

This year, the festival theme is Back to Our Roots. The Orang Laut were the indigenous people of Singapore, and the word Kallang refers to the first group that settled in Singapore in the Kallang area. What better place to hold this festival than at Kallang Theatre?

EduAlly Holdings Private Limited is a group of companies with businesses in education, training and development, employment, as well as in business development.

Our company's mission is "Learning For Life". We believe in learning to live, and living to learn. Akar Education, the main organiser of this event, is our subsidiary.

Visitors can look forward to a full day of activities for the whole family. We have special programmes for children, youths, and adults throughout the day. There will be exciting performances featuring song, dance and cultural elements.

You can look forward to a full day of bazaars and a festival full of firsts! We have the world's first and largest Malay ship-inspired Bouncy Castle, and we will also be attempting the World Record for the Largest Communal Dining of Nasi Ambeng Dulang (rice with dishes on a platter)!

At the same time, this festival aims to raise funds for our Social Responsibility Programme: OneHeart Charity. We hope this festival inspires Malays in the country to be proud of their identity, and to contribute and excel in all fields of society.

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