How to Disconnect an Old Shower Hose

How to Disconnect an Old Shower Hose

A shower head hose could last for many years if you bought a good product from a reputable company. However, it will need a replacement one day, and here is the process you will need to change it.

Study the design of the shower compartment

Impatient is the main reason you may damage a shower hose when you want to replace it. We always rush to try to remove compartments that have been permanently fixed or glued to a point. Plumbing compartments like a hose and shower head are a bit tricky with their designs. The part that seems like it has a bit of joining is not always the part that has been joined. Usually, the joints are flushed together; you may not notice. Hence, it is critical that you study the design of the pipe before you start to lose it. When you check the procedure, you will notice the thin lines joining and detaching efficiently. If you don't, you will be making a mistake and probably causing damage.

Remove the shower head

The shower head is an easy part of the shower compartment to remove. You don't need any unique tactics apart from finding the place where it is connected. You can easily follow this process to remove it.

Hold hose firmly to turn

The most important thing you want to do when changing a shower head hose is to hold it firmly. If you have studied the design correctly, you will see where they are joined together. The best way to go about it is to hold one part of the head with your left hand and turn the shower head hose in the anticlockwise direction. This process does not require a lot of force. If you notice that you are expending a lot of force, you are probably not doing it the right way, or you have the wrong spot.

Get a plier

This is especially common with metal shower head hoses that may become stiff after being used for an extended period of time. The plier is the instrument you will use to turn the hose in the anticlockwise direction. Since it has gotten to the level of using the plier, it means that a part of the hose has gotten rust, and it may not size the other part of the hose anymore. Therefore, you should get a replacement before you use the plier.


All through the plumbing compartments of a bathroom, the shower head is one of the things you can easily ;most likely damage the shower head. However, before you change it, you must understand the process. Without a proper understanding, you will most likely damage the shower head. The steps discussed above are what you need to disconnect a shower head hose. Once you have followed these steps, you can clean or replace the shower head hose, depending on what you plan for me.