How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Window Regulator

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Window Regulator

As far as replacing a window regulator is concerned, the largest cost goes to labor. That is because you need to disassemble the door of your car to repair it. If you have a luxurious car, the cost can be in thousands of dollars. However, if you have older vehicles with manual systems, the window regulator cost can be lower. That is because you might need to replace only a few parts. Since the modern vehicles have electric systems installed, you might need to purchase a new regulator. The cost of buying one varies from one car model to another.

Factors that Determine Window Regulator Repair Cost

The cost of repairing a window regulator varies depending on the regulator itself, how difficult it is to replace, and the model of the vehicle. Also, you need to take into account other factors such as labor.

Regulator Type

There are different types of window regulators. They can be classified into automatic and manual systems. The manual ones are hand-operated. These systems feature complex gears that lower and raise the window.

With the manual system, you will start experiencing problems when the gears misalign or when some parts get damaged. Sometimes it is easy to fix these problems by re-aligning your regulator. However, there are times you should replace the entire system.

You should note that the manual system requires a lot of time to take apart, assess, repair, and diagnose. This means you will need to pay a lot of money as labor cost. Thus, a fix is likely to take 3 hours.

For automatic window regulators, you need to replace the entire system. Usually, it is difficult to pinpoint where the problem with your regulator lies. Thus, the cost involves purchasing a new regulator and labor charges. It usually takes less than 2 hours to replace this type of regulator.

Teardown Time

The amount of time taken to take apart your window regulator varies depending on the type of vehicle. Sometimes you can take off the regulator by opening the door panel. For some cars, you might need to take off both the interior and exterior parts of the door panel. This means some vehicles require more time than others. The number of electrical parts in the car door will have an impact on the total time taken. Since the windows that are frequently used are the ones that develop problems, you are likely to be replacing the front door regulators.

Labor Cost

The truth is that labor cost will have a considerable impact on the cost of window regulator repair. You should expect the repair process to take up to 3 hours. This can help you factor the cost of hiring a mechanic to repair your window regulator.


There are different signs that give an indication that your window regulator has malfunctioned and requires repairs. For instance, if the car window creaks or rattles whenever you use the regulator, it is a sign you need to replace it. Before replacing it, you need to determine the overall cost of repair.