12inch Subwoofer Buyer’s Guide

by Ericka

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker designed to give low-pitched audio frequency outputs, which are popularly known as the bass effect of music. There is also sub-bass, which is lower in frequency and is generated by woofers.

This article clearly discussed what things to be considered while buying a new 12inch subwoofer. The subwoofer’s sensitivity, brand reliability, warranty, size, and power outputs are elaborated. Also, some products are recommended for your reference.

Things To Look For In A 12Inch Subwoofer

1. Subwoofer’s Sensitivity

The sensitivity of 88 dB is average. Below 84 dB means poor sensitivity. 92 dB or more means good sensitivity. It can be measured with a calibrated sound level meter. It should be measured accurately from a one-meter distance with one-watt power coming from the amplifier.

2. Brand

Well branded subwoofers have a linear driver, which is expensive but worth it because the accurate and powerful subwoofer with amplifier is necessary for the required quality of sound output.

3. Warranty

This is a harsh reality. It’s a potential risk when a subwoofer is installed. For instance, not only does someone almost always render the subwoofer warranty void but there is a potential chance that it might cause hazards and breakdown of the appliance.

4. Space Occupied

Compact size is also a factor when buying a subwoofer. It must be kept in mind that it is necessary to match the size and capacity according to requirements. It is both cost-effective and compact to fit in a small space very well.

5. Power

Mostly, the subwoofer utilizes 150 to 1000 watts to produce the output audio from the inputs. The power can be controlled using an amplifier. But if compactness is the priority, then it is best to opt for speakers that only require a power of around 20 watts.

Product Recommendations

1. JLD Audio OEM Branded Subwoofer

A very good quality car subwoofer that provides high-performance. This product has unique designs and a low price. This is better than the others in the market. This brand has been in the OEM industry for more than 15 years and has hundreds of models customized. This product has fully experienced and excellent test results.

2. MA Audio 12-inch Subwoofer

These are customized car speaker systems that are popular. It allows the users to personalize the vehicle’s audio system and improve sound quality. It’s one of the most important mentions for music systems when considering high-quality subwoofers at a reasonable price. It matches the car audio system very well. This brand ensures they’re providing the right technical system for a car.

3. Active Dual 12-inch Car Subwoofer

It sounds amazing as they can handle a lot of power. It makes back seat passengers jump. This product is recommended as it’s a great product with a reasonable price. Despite all the advantages of passive subwoofers, active subwoofers are still the most popular ones. These offer a deeper and more impactful sound omitting the requirement to use any other components.


Using a subwoofer for bigger speakers makes sense. All these large speakers benefit by adding a subwoofer to enhance the music and bass quality. A better subwoofer makes a sound system very special in performance. Great subwoofers make the sound system’s dynamic rock harder with excellent soundstage depth.

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